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Baltic Sea Roundtrip

Pack your bags and prepare for an epic cycling adventure that takes you through the breathtaking coastal areas around the Baltic Sea.

The One-Way from Baltic Sea Roundtrip is the ultimate adventure journey for cycling enthusiasts who dream of exploring diverse cultures, picturesque landscapes, and historical sites.

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The Baltic Sea Roundtrip refers to a cycling journey that surrounds Östersjön, also known as the Baltic sea. It is an exciting long-distance cycling route that takes cyclists through various countries and coastal areas surrounding the Baltic Sea. The journey spans countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, and Lithuania, depending on the specific route.

It is a popular cycling trip that provides participants with the opportunity to experience diverse landscapes, cultures, and historical sites along the Baltic Sea coast. Cyclists can choose different stretches and customize the journey according to their preferences and abilities. The Baltic Sea Roundtrip offers a unique opportunity to explore both cities and rural areas along the fascinating coastline of the Baltic Sea.

Ferry connection: Embark on the Baltic Sea Roundtrip and enjoy the convenience of taking your bike on ferries such as Stena Line. Explore the seascape while seamlessly transporting your bicycle to key destinations like Ystad to Bornholm, Ystad to Poland, and Trelleborg with TT Line, connecting you to both Germany and Poland. Our cycling adventure ensures that your journey is not only thrilling on land but also effortlessly extends across the mesmerizing waters, thanks to convenient ferry connections. Experience the freedom of exploring the Baltic Sea's diverse regions with the ease of ferry travel, making your cycling expedition truly unforgettable.

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