Christmas Deal: 20% off on our Organic Waterbottle

Become water-smart with us here at Travelshop!

Here at Travelshop we wish to contribute to a better environment. Gift a functional and sustainable present which is perfect for being at the training, excursion or office. It’s great for both the environment as well as your health. The water bottle is created with a material made of leaf blast from sugar canes. This makes the bottle 100% biodegradable. It’s also consumer-approved and contains 0 toxic materials like BPA and other hormone-disturbing substances. Our water bottle is 300 times better for the environment than any other brand that makes bottled water. The bottle is created in Sweden which means it gives us the absolute minimum amount of CO2– emissions and environmental footprint.

The water bottle contains pure and clean ”kranmärkt” – VA Sydvatten. Become an environmental hero with us today!

Use the code: JULFLASKA2018 in the store!

The deal can only be used on this product:

Waterbottle – 100% Biodegradable