1How do I book?
Fill out your information below or click here to use this form to book.

2What is one-way biking?
One-way biking is a concept started by Travelshop in which you leave your rented bike in a city of your choice. We make sure to pick up the bike and you just have to leave it at a hotel that we specify. This makes it easier for you to plan your trip, spend more quality time at your destination and without worrying about delivering your bike in time at our stores in Helsingborg or Malmö.
3Where do I pick up the bike?
Most of our bike rentals are picked up at the Malmö Central Station unless otherwise agreed. We have a workshop located underneath the station which you can access by walking to the eastern entrance of the bike garage called "Bike & Ride". Once you are in the central station you can also ask the various helpers (green vests) for directions.
4Where do I leave the bike if I bought one-way biking?
If you bought one-way for one of our trails the drop-off point on Kattegattleden is at the Best Western Waterfront Hotel in Gothenburg. If you bought one way for Sydkustleden the drop-off is at the Hotel Svea in Simrishamn. Should you have purchased one way outside of the trails, the drop-off will be agreed to by both parties before departure date.
5When does my luggage arrive?
If you've bought a luggage transfer, the pick-up time for each luggage is 10:00 AM at the hotel and drop-off at the latest 16:00 in the next. Sometimes traffic gets the best of us, which means our drivers might be late. We will always try to get there in time and if your luggage is late please contact us so that we can give you an ETA.
6What do I do if something happens to my bike?
If you've been in an accident, please make sure to call the emergencies (# 112) first before reaching out to us. When you have the opportunity, please contact us so we can decide what is best for you. Sometimes you'll have to take the bike to close-by workshops. However, in Malmö, Helsingborg and Halmstad there are opportunities to switch bikes. Contact us for more information / which step to take next.
7What happens if my bike gets stolen?
We can firstly say that over the course of 5 years we've had almost no bikes that have disappeared on the trails. Most bikes will be stored inside luggage rooms of the hotels, and you'll always be provided with locks for the bikes. Typically, if the bike is damaged beyond repair or it gets stolen, the renter pays Travelshop the value of the bike. This is why it's very important for you to have a travel insurance. We'll provide you with enough information so that you can take it up with your insurance company. They'll most likely pay you the value - self-risk.
8What are your Terms of Rental?

How does the booking process work?

11. Contact us
First you contact us with details about your trip such as which trail, what type of bike and for how long (which period). Please use this form to send us the details
22. Offer
We then send you an offer based on your specifications. We will also provide you with options to take and possible add-ons that we recommend.
33. Order
Once we both agree on the offer that was sent, an order will be sent to you that you have to confirm. Inside the order it should be as agreed and with the add-ons you've specified.
44. Invoice & contract
Once you've confirmed the order, we will send you an invoice. You will have different ways to pay for the invoice depending on your departure date. You will also be sent a contract of rental after full payment is completed.
55. Payment
Sometimes we will require a deposit in advance and sometimes we will require full payment according to the invoice. Sometimes you'll be eligible to pay through our website if a bank transfer doesn't work for you. This step is always negotiable and will be based mostly on the clients wishes. We require full payment at least one month before departure.
66. Departure
On the day of pick-up, make sure to have all your required papers with you such as booking numbers / invoice numbers or contract numbers. We will also require you to have a valid passport / identification card with you that we take a copy of during the rental.