Right now we are experiencing demand like never before.
Humility for all bicyclists (16 july)
We are adjusting our strategy, logistics and systems so that we can continue to give excellent service and partake in making Southern Sweden a destination in world class.

We are working on adjusting all our structure, logistics and systems so that we can continue to provide a good service and contribute to Skåne becoming a world-class cycling destination. We are so happy that our staff do their best to provide a good bike service. There is a lot to do both for us, our partners and the municipality to make the cyclist's experience even better.

We also want to encourage everyone to: - Better safety, use a helmet. - Better security, use good locks and secure parking lots We learn from our customers every day and our conclusion is that it must become easier to be a cyclist. Cycling is good for The health The environment The economy "Everything goes" (day 846)

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