Fishing trip (Öresund fishing)

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Sound Fishing carries turfiske after first and foremost cod, but also sea ​​trout, sill, mackerel, flatfish mm With Limhamn as the port of departure, we reach plenty of nice fishing spots, both north and south. To fish from a little less turfiskebåt is cozy and provides good opportunities for good catch. The boat can with its spacious aft deck have up to 10 people on board. Equipment is available for hire and the shipbuilder is happy to assist with tips and advice regarding beet and fishing techniques.

The "Spinner" is shipwrecked in Holland 1989 and measures just over 9 x 3 meters. A well-stocked deck deck gives plenty of space to fish. Behind the deck is the opportunity to sit down for a coffee or a rest. Easy ingestion is available on board such as trains, arrows, hedges etc. at human prices. The boat is equipped with the latest in marine electronics, such as lateral echo sounder. Onboard there is a toilet and complete safety equipment such as flexible floats and life jackets, liferaft etc. We comply with all safety requirements imposed by the Swedish Maritime Administration / Transport Agency and, of course, require suitable ship and passenger insurance.