Bicycle with Danish coffee / Smörrebröd

From: 295,00 kr incl. VAT

Take the opportunity to enjoy Danish flavors during the "Danish week" from a bicycle saddle.

One suggestion is an excursion to the lookout point for the Öresund Bridge and bring a wonderful "Danish coffee or good open sandwiches".

You get a Danish flag and a Danish win on the purchase.

Invite with a few friends or your colleagues and have a really nice outing.



Package 1 includes the following:

  • 1 7 shifted city bike all day
  • Thermos with Coffee
  • Authentic Danish wienderbröd
  • Paper Towel
  • Durable packaging

Price: 295: -



Package 2 includes the following:

  • 1 7 shifted city bike all day
  • 3 different Danish open sandwiches
  • Danish soda
  • Cardboard plate and cutlery.

Price: 345: -


Add Thermos with coffee for one person: SEK 60 (you can keep the thermos)

Are you more than 8 people and want a more luxurious Danish coffee? Contact

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