Luxury visit on Turning torso

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Have you always been curious about what it looks like inside Turning torso? Now you do not have to think about it anymore without taking the opportunity and book a visit to Sweden's tallest skyscraper today.

In this VIP package you will receive a glass bubble with which you can enjoy a magnificent view of Malmö all the way to Landskrona. Here you will also be able to recount the exciting story of the building.

We hope you get a memorable experience and an unparalleled view of the Sound.

When visiting Malmö, it is of course an absolute must to see Turning torso.

Malmö's proud landmark Turning torso was ready on the 1 November 2005. Turning torso is essentially a 190 meter high apartment complex, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatravas. The building consists of nine blocks with a total of 147 apartments on 54 floors, and what characterizes Turning torso is its outstanding twist on 90 degrees.

Now you have the chance to get an unforgettable experience and see what it looks like in Scandinavia and Sweden's tallest skyscraper. During the visit you will have the opportunity to visit the top of Turning torso, the unique height will give you a spectacular view of Öresund, Malmö, Copenhagen and all the way to Landskrona. Once you have reached Turning Torso's highest floor, you will have a glass bubble that you can enjoy while you will hear about the history of the building, anecdotes and other exciting facts reported by skilled guides.

Our shop is just a stone's throw from Turning torso and you want to get there, so we rent bikes of all sizes and also have bus tickets. If you would like to combine with a closer look around the lively district of Västra Hamnen and explore Malmö further, with an excursion, we can tailor your travelshop to suit your needs, coffee, picnic basket or a light lunch. All in order for you to have such a wonderful day in Malmö as possible.

The trip must be booked therefore the registration will be made on request on request.

Price suggestion: VIP tour up to 12 people 4700: -


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