Hövding bicycle helmet 2.0

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An airbag for cyclists that protects the head and neck.

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What is Hövding?
Hövding is an airbag that expands at the time of the accident and becomes both thicker and softer than a traditional helmet - reduces the risk of brain injury up to eight times, while at the same time the risk of skull fractures will disappear almost completely. The airbag is designed as a hood and made of durable nylon capable of scratching against asphalt. Hövding protects almost the entire head, but leaves the field of vision free. The area covered by the inflated airbag is significantly larger than traditional bicycle helmets and adapted to existing accident statistics.

The airbag fixes the neck and creates a very soft and gentle shock absorption ability. The pressure is held constant for several seconds and therefore cuts several strokes against the head during the same accident. Then the air bag slowly begins to drain on gas.

The gas generator that fills the airbag with gas in Hövding is a so-called cold gas generator with helium gas. It is placed in a container in SEKagen on the cyclist's back.

For an even safer choice, you can purchase a favorable Solid Insurance Insurance, which applies in 12 months with the option of renewal. It applies if your helmet is solved in connection with a bicycle accident. The insurance will compensate you for the deductible deducted by your insurance company when they replace you with a new helmet.

Weight 1.3 g of
dimensions 190 × 190 × 190 mm


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