Electric bike

Från: 350 kr incl. VAT

Electric bike is a pedal bike that has been equipped with an electric motor that amplifies the cyclist's pedaling power and which only works when the pedals move. The cyclist treads as usual, but without heavy resistance and you can more easily ride long distances, uphill slopes and in headwinds.

Many types of bicycles are available on the market as electric bikes, including tricycles. Front or rear wheels as well as the crank part blade can be provided with an electric motor. Usually, the electric motor has a large working area and works on a gear. The cyclist traditionally switches the cycle for his manual pedaling power.

The electric bike is charged with a special charger from a standard electrical outlet.

Do you want to book the bike longer than a week? Please contact us!

  • 350 kr / day
  • 730 kr / 3 days
  • 1220 kr / 5 days
  • 1500 kr / 7 days

Technical information can be found below under “more information”.

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Bike Upgrade

For those who want to ride a bit longer and want a new electric bike on the ride.
(Similar to the one in the picture)

Weldtite Cycle Tyre Seal

Pressure latex seal for quick repair and inflation of the wheels. Repairs your puncture directly with repair spray without removing the wheel.

Weldtite Cycle Tyre Seal


A robust and durable electric bike that suits all adults.

Technical specification

Engine: 250W
Bortslös Battery: Lithium 36V, 12Ah
Charger: Intelligent, charging 4-6h
Frame: Aluminium
Brake: F / BV brake / V brake
Gear: 7 speed manual transmission Shimano
Suspension: Hydraulic TOPGANS
Maximum Speed: 25 km / h
Range: 50-100 km
Tires: 28 "x 1,75"
Weight: 26kg
Maximum load: 120kg
Dimensions: x 190 60 110 cm x