Swedish Fika

59 kr incl. VAT

Swedish chocolate ball
"Swedish chocolate balls are a traditional Swedish pastry with a taste of mocka, chocked in chocolate and sprinkled with grated coconut. The Swedish chocolate ball has been back for many decades and one of the first recipes was published in Swedish newspapers 1943 "

The Swedish vacuum cleaner
"Swedish vacuum cleaner is a classic Swedish marzipan pastry, oatmeal filling coated with good chocolate. The name "Vacuum Cleaner" comes from tubular vacuum cleaners that were common in Swedish homes in the 1920 century. "

Collection of traditional Swedish pastries, which are typical goodies at Swedish fika.

• A beautiful chocolate box with design of the Swedish flag

• Perfect gift for Swedish tourists and entertainment for companies and everyone who loves coffee

• The box contains 400g (10st (5 + 5)) of traditional Swedish chocolate balls and vacuum cleaners.


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