A unique hiking tour in Skåne - hike to Söderåsen a piece of the Skåneleden
6 days


Open tour

Welcome to try hiking a stage of Skåneleden no. SL3. The trail, ås to ås, is a total of 90 km long hiking trail and begins in Åstorp and ends in Höör. This hiking trail passes through Söderåsen National Park and adventure-rich hiking areas in a diverse and fantastic landscape. Along the trail there are many wind shelters, rest areas and opportunities to stay the night. This package includes an overnight stay in Helsingborg, all the maps and information you need as well as transport of your luggage along the routes, all included for a truly wonderful hiking holiday. If desired, we can help you tailor accommodation packages that span the entire trail.

Do you need to tailor your experience? Contact us and we will help you.

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  • Helsingborg

  • Åstorp – Kirka skog 22km

  • Kirka forest - Klåveröd 14km

  • Klåveröd - Röstånga 13km

  • Röstånga – Hultarp/Hallaröd 23km

  • Hultarp – Frostavallen – Höör 19km

What is included?

  • 1 Hotel overnight stay (part in double room) hotel Mollbergs with breakfast
  • Detailed SL3 map + tips
  • Baggage transportation of bags along 4 sections of the trail
  • Package price: SEK 2995

Good to know

  • Good clothes depending on the weather
  • Travel insurance
  • Bring a repair kit or buy one before hand

This is things you can add for your trip:

  • Transfer to Åstorp from Helsingborg SEK 500
  • Accommodation with overnight stay on request