Weekend cycling to Hällåkra winery with wine tasting
6 hours


Private tour

This is a wonderful trip in the landscape of Skåne, for all cyclists with many different sights along the way, the nature is absolutely fantastic around there. What you do not want to miss along the way is Lindholmen's castle ruin, in 1339 the castle was used as a fortification, what remains today is the hill on which the castle is built, with a few stones in the ground on top of the hill. But it is possible to distinguish where the moat has been. There is an information board with more facts about the bail. You do not want to miss Börringekloster either, in the 12th century a monastery for nuns was founded by the Benedictine order. The monastery ceased in the 16th century, and there is nothing left of the monastery itself, but in 1582 a new building was built where the monastery stood, in 1763 the main building and the 2 wings were erected. In 1863, an extension of a third floor was made to the main building and the castle got the look it still has today. If you want, you can go to Anitas in Börringe and buy some coffee, or drink coffee on site 😊 They also have a cozy little farm shop and art exhibition. If you have the children with you, there are fun things for them as well. Then when you land at Hällåkra, it's time for a little wine tasting and "Skånska" tapas, a great way to end a wonderful trip. Hällåkra Vingård (Winery) is owned by the Hansson family in the fifth generation and today comprises a cultivation of around 6.5 hectares and about 22,000 wines. From these, red, white, sparkling and sweet wines are produced. The Scandinavian climate means that during the summer they cut the vines for the best sunlight and power for the grapes. In October, they harvest, then take the must to the tanks in the winery where it ferments into wine and then mature in a tank or oak barrel. All their wines are organic - authentic and honest! If the wine was a highlight, then their wines are on the order assortment and on the shelf at Systembolaget. In addition to the wine, John Taylor has produced a really good dry English cider. In 2018, 1400 cider apple trees (and some Perry pears) were planted and picked from southwest of England. From time to time you can book a test or tour around that cultivation. The cycle path from Hällåkra to Svedala station, goes through a beautiful beech forest.

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  • Retrieve your bike

  • From Malmö to Svedala

  • Svedala to Lindholmens Castle Ruin

  • From Lindholmen to Börringe Monestary

  • From Börringe Castle & monestary to Hällåkra vineyard

  • From Hällåkra to Skurup

  • Travelshop Malmö

What is included?

  • Pre-booked bike
  • 24 Bus/Train card
  • Digital map & print
  • Southern Swedish Tapas & Wine

Good to know

  • Clothes for the weather
  • Travel Insurance
  • Bike repair-kit