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Sustainability with bikes

We work to get both visitors and residents to cycle more in a broader perspective. Cycle to and from work, cycle in your free time & cycle on holiday.

A climate-smart holiday, Travelshop's Sustainability work We at Travelshop would like to inspire more people to start cycling, cycling instead of taking the car is an advantage for both health, the environment and the wallet. Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something. We think long-term and work to get both visitors and residents to cycle more in a broader perspective. Bicycle commuting to and from work, bicycle leasing aimed at companies, cycling in leisure time and cycling on holiday.

We choose Sustainability

  • Locally produced and/or organic food when purchased
  • Uses tap water and reuses our own produced eco-labelled bottle
  • Avoids unnecessary consumption

We minimize waste

  • Avoids disposable items
  • Choose reusable material primarily, glass and porcelain for experiences and events
  • Environmentally friendlier paper

We facilitate transport

  • We reduce travel distances by placing meetings as close to everyone as possible
  • Cooperates with Skånetrafiken and close communication with all kinds of public transport
  • Coordinates transport and deliveries as efficiently as possible with various actors.

We as Info Point inform

  • We inform tourists who come to Malmö or Helsingborg how to get around the city as sustainably as possible. The most climate-smart approaches available as well as providing cycle maps.
  • We offer green and sustainable experiences in our range.
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