Higher-Level Service

Whether you buy this add-on or not, we always try our best to satisfy and assist
our customers. We have normal calling & work hours. We will always try to find
a solution that will fit both parties to make sure your inconvenience is as short
as possible.

What does it mean?
This is an optional add-on that we offer to all of our customers renting bikes or
buying our services on the biking trails in southern Sweden. This serves as a
protection measure for all unforeseeable issues that might occur during your
time on our bikes. We make sure you have the best and fastest possible service
if anything goes wrong. This also comes with a 100% guarantee that you will
receive enough help to continue biking the day after.

You manage by accident to hit the curb with your bike and the tire blows. At
the same time, the gears managed to get messed up so that it becomes
unbearable to bike. You manage to reach your hotel after using the repair-kit.
You call us and the next day, a new bike is outside the hotel waiting for you.

What does it include?
• Priority Support
• Bike On-Call (08:00 – 20:00)
• Issues resolved within Malmö / Helsingborg within 3 hours
• Issues resolved on the biking trails for the day after (before 10:00)
• Possibility to ride one distance with our luggage transfer transport

What does it exclude?
• Self-risk coverage for damages
• Bike Insurance
• Repairs & Spare parts
• Hospital fees
• Taxi / transport fees