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Experiences for companies and groups
Experiences for companies and groups

This is the experience for companies and groups who value environmentally friendly activities filled with foodstops.

Are you a larger company or group looking for fun activities to do in Malmö? We at Travelshop work with a sustainable approach by only using these in our experiences:

  • Glass & porcelain
  • Environmentally friendly paper
  • Locally produced and / or organic food and tap water

Here we have a few of our most popular experiences that can be custom made to fit your needs.

  • Guided foodtour with atleast 4 stops, you can also add a theme with only Swedish food or you can maybe add an extra stop. Visit some of Malmö's hideaway places where you can try a real Swedish Fika or locally caught fish from the Fishing huts.
  • Green Malmö - Environment and Sustainability. On our tour through New Malmö, we look at Malmö's successful sustainability work by visiting, the Shipyard, the Western Port, with lunch at Malmö Saluhall, Sjöstaden and Kalkbrottet.
  • At Botildenborg you can Cook, eat & talk with your colleagues, the management team, or why not with a group of friends! This activity is an inspiring dining experience that includes a study visit, the opportunity to harvest in our urban cultivation and cooking, ending with a delicious and colorful vegetarian meal with drinks from Scanian producers.

This can be applied to all of Skåne, everything is possible. These are also with a guide.

Minimum 6 person(er)

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