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Copenhagen - Malmö, 1 day Self-guided
1 day
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Discover two countries in just one day with this self-guided tour, "Copenhagen - Malmö 1day " Are you in Denmark with a few hours left and have no plans what to do? Take the opportunity to extend your trip to come and visit Sweden. The tour is very flexible, you start the tour in the morning or afternoon in Copenhagen, by bus the journey begins over the iconic Øresund bridge. The bustickets will be send as a E-ticket by SMS and email. Extras like a Swedish Fika can be added on to enhance your experience. 

Upon arrival in Malmö, you have 2 alternatives to choose from, on how you want to be exploring Malmö on your own. The starting point is at Centralplan 10 in the Centralstation in Malmö, and this is where we you get tips about places to see and distribution of the tickets and bikes, this must be picked up before 4 PM, we recommend to come to our office when you arrive in Malmö.

Option 1: Get a 24-hour bus ticket to go around Malmö by the local city buses. 

Option 2: Get around in the city by bike. 

When you are ready, discovering all the wonders of Malmö you decide yourself when you want to go back, the trains back depart until midnight. You can choose to adding on a traditional Swedish Fika to your package.  

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What is included?

  • Train ticket (From MMA) Must be picked up in our office before 4 PM
  • Bus ticket (To MMA) Will be send as a E-ticket by SMS and Mail
  • 24 hours busticket in Malmö or rentalbike
  • A brochure of Top 10 Attractions in Malmö 
  • Map over the city
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