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Malmö: Guided city tour by bike
2 hours and 30 minutes
Private tour

Immerse yourself in Malmö's unique atmosphere with the opportunity to jump into the city's history and culture.

Welcome to Malmö, a city breathing history, modernity, and diversity! A city tour that takes you through a vibrant metropolis where medieval charm meets inspiring architecture, and shipyard history blends with innovative urban areas. With its lively city center and proximity to the Öresund, Malmö offers a unique experience where tradition meets the future. Discover iconic landmarks, explore multicultural neighborhoods, and let Malmö surprise you with its unique atmosphere. Malmö is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Sweden, boasting excellent infrastructure for both walking paths and bike lanes.

Bild för Malmö: Guided city tour by bike

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What is included?

  • Guide 
  • Bike
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