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Malmö All Included
4 hours
Private tour

Half a day filled with a private experiences & food.

The perfect day for those who like to explore Malmö, which includes a multicultural reality, with knowledge, inclusion and different cultures. The tour starts in the new Malmö with Varvsstaden, Dockan and Öresund. Afterwards, we visit the local fish market to taste locally caught and fresh fish. Furthermore, we move towards Sofielund, where we find some Street Art along the way. There will be tastings at Naturmolnet in Sofielund. You get to see more Street Art in the Hangar, try Malmö's national dish and an international coffee.

Bild för Malmö All Included

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What is included?

  • Guide
  • Foodstops
  • Light lunch
  • Swedish fika
  • Electric bike
  • Water
  • Maps

Good to know

  • Bring good clothes as the weather may vary.
  • Travel insurance
  • For groups and families it is possible to book as a private tour.
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