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One-way biking Copenhagen - Berlin
10 days
Very demanding
Open tour

One-way biking is a service that we at Travelshop have that allows you to rent a bike in one location, cycle your planned trip and return it to another location. What's perfect about one-way is that you decide the distances yourself, cycle the whole route or just a bit. So you don't necessarily need to cycle the entire joint system in one go. Regardless of interest, choice of accommodation or the status of your fitness level, you can adapt the cycle tour to your exact wishes and conditions. You just drop off the bikes at one of our partners at the final destination.

Bild för One-way biking Copenhagen - Berlin

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What is included?

  • 24 geared touring bike
  • One-way pickup fee and drop-off
  • A detailed gpx map

Good to know

  • A valid Passport is required
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