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The Malmö hunt
6 hours
Open tour

MalmöJakten is a city tour where you'll solve challenges along the way. Rent a backpack with locked compartments, unlock the code locks, and receive new clues as you solve various puzzles. The activity is a new and fun way to see and experience the city, primarily suitable for adults and teenagers. The tour takes two to three hours, not counting a coffee break, of course. We recommend 2-5 people per backpack; if you have more participants, you can divide into teams with two or more backpacks and compete. MalmöJakten is designed for those who want to tour or explore their city in a different way. Fresh air, exercise, brain teasers, and a bit of tourism on the side!

You can also add bikes, Swedish fika or a lunch package to make the tour a bit longer.

Note you have to be atleast 2 people for the hunt.

Bild för The Malmö hunt

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What is included?

In this experience you get a backpack with the necessary items for the hunt along with information and a brief summary about the tour.

Good to know

  • Dress appropriately based on the weather.
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