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Luggage storage
Luggage Storage

Don't want to carry your luggage on your bike or need a secure storage option during the day? To make your journey as smooth as possible, we offer you as a customer convenient and reliable luggage storage at our central stations in Malmö and Helsingborg.

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Safety is our top priority: We understand the importance of keeping your luggage safe and secure while you explore the cities or wait for your next transportation. Our luggage storage facilities are equipped with the latest security technology, including surveillance cameras and personal storage systems, so you can feel completely safe when leaving your luggage with us. We can also accommodate large suitcases weighing up to 25kg.

Simple and hassle-free handling: Using our luggage storage is easy and convenient. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to assist you with checking in and out of your luggage. We also have flexible opening hours.

Affordable and practical: We offer competitive prices for luggage storage services at our central stations in Malmö and Helsingborg. You only pay for the time you need to store your luggage, making it a cost-effective alternative compared to other options that can be expensive or impractical.

Close to everything: Our central stations in Malmö and Helsingborg are strategically located, providing you with easy access to the city's attractions, shopping, and restaurants. Whether you want to explore Malmö's beautiful old town or visit Helsingborg's impressive castle, you can do so easily without having to lug around heavy luggage.

So, the next time you are on the move and need a convenient and secure place to store your luggage at the central stations in Malmö or Helsingborg, don't hesitate to use our luggage storage service. We are here to make your journey as trouble-free as possible and ensure that you can enjoy everything these beautiful cities have to offer. Welcome to our luggage storage facilities, where your luggage is in safe hands.

Luggage storage prices:

  • Per bag: 75 SEK per day
  • Overnight fee (if applicable): Additional 50 SEK
  • Weekly rate: 350 SEK

Please note that luggage can only be dropped off and picked up during our opening hours.

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