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Luggage transportation
Luggage Transportation

Do you prefer not to carry your luggage on your bike or perhaps need luggage delivery to a specific location? To make your cycling journey as smooth as possible, we offer our customers along the cycle routes the pickup and drop-off service for your luggage, primarily along the Kattegattleden, Sydkustleden, and Sydostleden. Other locations are also available upon request. Your luggage will accompany you throughout your stay and will be delivered to your new resting place by the end of the afternoon, according to predetermined conditions.

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Luggage transport - Travel light, easy cycling

Enjoy your cycling adventure without the hassle of heavy bags. We drive your luggage between your accommodations when you bike or hike. With our baggage transport service, you can focus on the ride while we take care of your luggage.

Smooth, reliable, and convenient - let us make your travels easier!

Price: 330 SEK / Bag / Distance

(maximum weight per bag is 25 kg)

The price primarily applies to the Southcoast, Southeast, and Kattegatttrail.

Other luggage services are available upon request.

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