Bicycle Audio Guide Malmö

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This is the Official Bicycle Audio Tour for Malmö. This is the short version that contains 20 different locations to visit and listen to. You will need a pair of headphones for each phone and you will have to purchase the audio tour for each device for this to work. This tour was recorded in a studio together with a local certified Skåne guide with heritage in Malmö. Experience Malmö in the way it was supposed to be experienced.

Follow the line on your digital map on your phone. You can go either direction but please note that certain navigational markers won’t be correctly spoken. (Example: On your left side…)

The tour can be completed in any order and you do not need to follow each location religiously. You can pick and choose locations that you find interesting and head there yourself. Each waypoint marker has a small audio-trail attached to it that will speak from 20 – 120 seconds about historic/local information about the location you’re visiting.

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