Self-risk Elimination

What does it mean?
Accidents happen, we know that, you know that. There’s only one real way to
protect yourself from the human factor. Having an insurance. If you have a
travel insurance or purchase one from us, then you’re eligible for this optional
add-on. No matter what happens with the bike, it gets stolen or completely
destroyed in an accident, then we help you with the self-risk cost for your
insurance if you buy this add-on.

What happens when something goes wrong?
If there’s been an accident, please make sure to call any emergency number
before reaching out to us should there be need to. Once everything has settled
down. Reach out to us so that we can talk you through the process. Each object
you rent from us has a set value. These values are based on the current market.
For most of our bikes the value is between €500 and €1500. We will notify you
the cost of the bike. Then you’ll pay us the value of said bike. We will provide
you with enough information so that you can receive money from your
insurance. The self-risk will be set by the insurance company and we deduct it
from the payment of the bike value.

Bike worth €1000
You pay us €850
Insurance pays you €1000 – self risk (€150) = €850
All you had to pay was €30 per bike/person

What does it include?
• Up to €150 in self-risk coverage for any major damages.
• Up to €50 for any minor damages needed to be repaired.
• Up to €30 for any transport needed due to damages.

What does it exclude?
• Travel Insurance (Can be bought separately)
• Any additional costs not stated above
• More than one occasion of damages